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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[With a loud hum Fooker, Sharon, Justin (Agent #6), the two Greys (Pi and Planck), and the gigantic Inertia mech materialize on a large round platform.]]

Sharon: [looking quite queasy] Wasn't my spleen on the other side...?
Fooker: You'll get used to it.
#3141592 (Pi): [looking over his shoulder] Something wrong, Drone #18883531?

[[The perspective changes, and we see that the group is in an obviously alien craft. Wall-sized screens with images and data regarding Earth are visible, and several mostly-identical aliens are staring at them, and the one #3141592 just questioned looks confused and replies from the console directly in front of them.]]
#18883531: #3141592... Your signal was... unexpected.

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