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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the alien craft the flustered drone #18883531 tries to figure out why #3141592 ("Pi") has returned - with several others that he wasn't expecting...]
#18883531: [to #3141592] You were under deep cover...
#3141592: [pushing past #18883531 and moving into the ship] Circumstances have changed. We must speak to the Skaboola at once.

#18883531: [to #3141592's back] But you weren't supposed to break radio silence...
#6626068 (Planck): [as HE pushes past #18883531 and follows #3141592] #18883531 is a mouth full! I think I'll start calling you... Muon!

[[#18883531's (Muon's) shoulders fall.]]
#18883531 ("Muon"): But I LIKE my numerical designation.
[[Fooker pushes past Muon, followed quickly by Justin.]]
Fooker: Howdy, Muon. Name's Fooker.

[[Fooker reaches back and takes a wide-eyed Sharon's hand, pulling her past Muon as well.]]
#18883531 ("Muon"): [suddenly looking a bit concerned] Um... These are undocumented natives. Should I be sounding an alarm or something...?
Fooker: Nah, we're good.

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