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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[6626068 ("Planck") and 3141592 ("Pi") are leading Fooker, Sharon, and Justin out of the teleport room on the Grey's ship.]]
3141592: [grimly] This way to the control room. Touch anything, and I'll personally flargnak you.
Fooker: Sounds painful.

[[They enter the control room. Five drones are in a control pit in the center of the room, while a few more are observing and interacting with screens around the periphery. One drone is talking to a gigantic Grey that is perched on a levitating platform.]]
3141592: Great Skaboola, #3141592 and 6626068. We have news from the planet's surface.

[[The gigantic Skaboola turns to face them, not looking particularly happy to see them.]]
Skaboola: I expected as much, although it seems you need a refresher in the proper procedures of handling contact with native species...

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