General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the Grey's ship, 3141592 ("Pi") and 6626068 ("Planck") are introducing Fooker, Sharon, and Justin to the Great Skaboola. The Skaboola has just finished admonishing 3141592 for bringing them onto the ship.]]
3141592: [protesting] But, your magnificence, the mitigating circumstances --
Skaboola: [interrupting] Patience, #3141592. We have guests, albeit uninvited ones. Protocol requires obligatory platitudes.

[[The Skaboola turns to Fooker.]]
Skaboola: Ah, Reject XB3-239. We meet once again. I see you have exchanged females since our last encounter...
Fooker: Um...
Sharon: [wide-eyed] "Exchanged females"?

Skaboola: [thoughtfully] An unfortunate downgrade, I assume. That Trudy was a cunning one. I cannot see why you would replace her.
[[Justin takes a step back, as Sharon's eyes narrow (and Fooker's get even wider...).]]
Sharon: TRUDY?

Fooker: Have I told you how positively radiant you are, my beautiful future wife?
Skaboola: Of course, I much preferred her without her outer garments...
[[Sharon sticks her face right into Fooker's, her eyes narrowed to suspicious slits.]]

References: Fooker, Trudy, and the Skaboola in "Close Encounters of the Dairy Kind"
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