General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Probably much to Fooker's relief, the Great Skaboola is interrupted by #6626068 ("Planck"). His interruption is met by a glare from #3141592 ("Pi"), but the Skaboola appears unconcerned.]]
#6626068: Begging your pardon, your most opulent rotundness, but the enemy appears to have infiltrated this planet!
Skaboola: Yes, I know.

#3141592: You... KNOW?
Skaboola: Of COURSE I know. Navigation, bring us to the other side of the planet's natural satellite.

[[The Skaboola moves to a nearby observation window, followed by the rest.]]
Skaboola: One caveat to your isolation, #6626068, was that we could not inform you regularly about external events. The situation here has... intensified.

Skaboola: [gesturing toward the window] Observe for yourselves...
[[#6626068 and #3141592 stare out the window in shock and anger, respectively, while Sharon, Fooker, and Justin match Planck's shock.]]
Justin: [whispering] "Intensified" is an understatement.

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