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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[The Skaboola has led #3141592 ("Pi"), #6626068 ("Planck"), Fooker, Sharon, and Justin to an observation window, where they find themselves viewing an entire fleet of the enemy's ships.]]
Skaboola: This research vessel is equipped with a cloaking device, so they cannot see us. But they are hiding from your planet's surveillance here on the far side of your tidally-locked moon.

Fooker: [whispering, mostly to Justin] Those ships look familiar...?
Justin: [grimacing] Way TOO familiar.
#3141592: Let me guess... In your "alternate universe."

Skaboola: [to Fooker] You have encountered this species.. in an alternate reality...?
Fooker: [grimly] Your hugeness, I think it's time we all compared notes...

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