General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrate's narration continues. We see a map of the Milky Way galaxy, with arrows pointing to both Earth and "Socrate's Home."]]
Socrates: "Our species hails from a star several hundred light-years from here along the galactic rim, much like your world."

[[We see a picture of a planet's surface, with several different alien creatures visible.]]
Socrates: "Our world is much larger than yours, meaning it has a much higher gravity. This discouraged more complex live forms like yours, so we evolved to be more biologically simple."

[[We see an amoeba-like creature, hiding from a much larger lizard-like creature under a rock.]]
Socrates: "By remaining gelatinous, we could easily flow from place to place, hiding in crevices from predators and seeking out easy to absorb prey. For a time, we even preyed upon our own kind."

[[We see two of the amoeba-like creatures, possibly under the same rock from the previous frame. The two have merged.]]
Socrates: "It was during one act of attempted cannibalism that we discovered, to our surprise, that 'absorbing' one of our own did not destroy it, but rather opened a whole new form of communication..."

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