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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrates continues his narration of the origin of his race. We see a large number of his kind attacking one of the much larger lizard-like creatures.]]
Socrates: "The more our kind 'joined', the more experiences we shared. We learned new ways to survive, adapt, and combat our enemies. In time, this lead to sentience and eventual sapience."

[[We see a pool made from the merged bodies of many of Socrates' race.]]
Socrates: "We began to come together in huge masses, great pools of shared cytoplasm and nuclei. The largest of these became our de facto leadership, which we called The Syncytium."

[[We see a different large lizard-like creature, being ridden by a couple of Socrates' race, pushing aside a rock almost as large as itself.]]
Socrates: "We found that our telepathic connection could be shared with other creatures as well. We eventually 'tamed' other species on our planet to do our bidding, controlling them through touch."

[[We see a pool like the one in the second panel, but this time with one creature in the middle that the rest of the pool seems to be avoiding.]]
Socrates: "But controlling other species came with a price. Those who did so could no longer link with out own kind and could no longer breed through mitosis. A divide began to form between the 'pure' and the 'tainted' which nearly destroyed us.

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