General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrates continues his narration about the origins of the Physarics. We see two of them watching across a plain as something falls from the sky across from them.]]
Socrates: "As our fledgling society struggled with this dilemma, a new one presented itself. We quickly learned we were not alone in the universe. That was when the Star Beast fell from the sky."

[[We see several Physarics approaching the downed Star Beast, which is half buried where it fell.]]
Socrates: "It was a native of interstellar space, a creature born in the vacuum and cold between stars. It was primitive and not very intelligent, but was easily controlled. The 'tainted' quickly tamed it.

[[We see a Star Beast in orbit around a ringed planet.]]
Socrates: "Those who melded with the creature shared its thoughts. Its kind roamed from star to star, living for thousands of years, seeing countless worlds teaming with life. There were millions of them scattered across the galaxy."

[[We see a crowd of Physarics gathered around a single one standing on a low hill.]]
Socrates: "The creature's misfortune presented us with an opportunity, a chance to expand our territory and influence. We could escape our planet and gather new resources, spreading ourselves across the galaxy..."

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