General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Patty sternly interrupts Socrates' narration.]]
Patty: [arms crossed, intent on Socrates] "Spreading across the galaxy"? Sounds almost like a plundering horde looking for conquest...
Socrates: Conquest? No, no. You don't understand...

Socrates: What we do is out of survival. Without additional resources, we cannot support our breeding colonies and perpetuate our species. We don't subjugate other worlds, but rather advance them.

Socrates: We see ourselves as enlightening the lesser evolved species we encounter. We give them purpose, enriching their lives. In turn, we "feed" on their thoughts, expanding our collective intellect.

[[Patty's still obviously skeptical, but Dexter has grown visibly uncomfortable as Socrates continues his defense.]]
Socrates: They perform work for us, while we care and provide for them. "Conquest" implies a more one-sided series of benefits.

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