General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Jason, Sharon, and Fooker take notice that some of the Greys have begun to congregate in anticipation of Pi's "more open exchange of historical data" with the humans, as instructed by the Skaboola. Pi begins to recount the history of his species...]]
Pi: From an evolutionary standpoint, our species started out very similar to yours. That's one reason we came to study your planet: to learn more about where we came from.

[[The backdrop has shifted to that of a sprawling alien cityscape.]]
Pi: Over tens of thousands of years, our ancestors built civilizations and developed technologies, much as you have. Eventually, we began to merge our biology and technology, unraveling our own genetic code.

[[The scene is now presumably of a pair of Greys early in their history of genetic tampering, only vaguely resembling their current, androgynous, forms.]]
Pi: Through genetic engineering, we bettered ourselves by customizing our own DNA. We eliminated annoying biological flaws such as aging, disease, and sex.

[[Sharon, with Fooker, interjects; background animation suggests that the conversation has drawn the attention of even more onlookers in the alien craft.]]
Sharon: So you consider sex to be an "annoying biological flaw"?
Planck: Have you _seen_ how much trouble it gets you humans into? Besides, cloning is much less icky.

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