General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrates and drones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") narrate the story of their respective species' histories and how they came to be fighting each other. We see the Physaric from the last strip springing out of its hiding place onto the face of the Grey that had been looking for it.]]
#3141592: [narrating] "Admittedly, the creature was cornered and likely felt threatened. It probably acted in self-defense, but hindsight is always clearer than foresight."

[[We see the attacked Grey, now under the Physaric's control, draw its laser pistol and shoot another drone through the head as a third drone watches in horror. The Physaric sits draped over the controlled Grey's neck.]]
Socrates: [narrating] "Attempting to control one of the creatures was an act of desperation. If our agent had taken the time to read its thoughts, perhaps we might have learned they had peaceful intentions."

[[Another Grey clone draws its pistol and begins to return file. Behind it, we see another Physaric standing next to the foot of a large two-legged alien creature, reaching out to touch it one of its very large feet.]]
#6626068: "A lot of mistakes were made that day. We had protocols for this sort of thing, but since we had never needed them before, we hadn't practiced them much."

[[We see the see the pistol-wielding Grey clone from the previous panel turn just in time to see the large foot of the alien creature (now obviously controlled by the Physaric) attacking it with a powerful kick.]]
Socrates: "But the damage had already been done. Regardless of who initiated what, the fighting had already started... and it has never stopped since."

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