General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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Socrates and clone #3141592 ("Pi") narrate the story of their respective species' histories and how they came to be fighting each other. We see this narration as alternating images of Socrates narrating to Trish, Dex, Patty, and Fred in the old junkyard's office and #3141592 narrating to Justin, Sharon, and Fooker (and an interested crowd of Grey drones) on the Grey's ship.]]
Socrates: Not long after that, we found that we could no longer control the enemy's units. We strongly suspect...

#3141592: ...that our efforts to engineer an immunity to their mind-control technique were successful. But it was already too late. We hadn't realized how vast...

Socrates: ...our resources are, spanning nearly a full quadrant of the galaxy. But they were just as resourceful. Before we knew it, they...

#3141592: [determined, almost snarling] ...had cloned a full army to combat this new threat. It may not be clear who STARTED this conflict, but we are certain to be the ones to FINISH it.

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