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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back in the old junkyard's office, Socrates has concluded his narration. But Patty isn't finished listening.]
Patty: [arms crossed, skeptical] That's an unpleasant little story, but none of it explains how you and Fred came to be on Earth...
Socrates: Actually, I was just getting to that...

Socrates: We finally managed to decipher some of the enemy's genetic manipulation "technology" and began experimenting on our own kind. We were hoping to find a workaround for our "linking curse".

Trish: Y-you mean your inability to b-breed once you "l-linked" with another s-species?
Socrates: Precisely. It was a difficult challenge and there were... mistakes... but...

Socrates: He was our first true success. Locked within Fred's genes is the hope of our entire future: the ability to both link AND perpetuate our species at the same time.

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