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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back in the old junkyard's office, Socrates continues describing Fred's "creation" and purpose.]
Socrates: We were just beginning to test our results when we were warned that the enemy knew about our outpost on Luyten 726-8 and we had to abandon it.

[[We see a group of Physarics gathered around a smaller version of the "star beast", with a scorpion-like creature carrying something vaguely egg-shaped toward it.]]
Socrates: "Still in his isolation spore, Fred was loaded into a 'shuttle' creature for transport. I was assigned as his escort, while another was to be our pilot."

[[High above the Earth with the Moon visible in the background, we see a Grey ship shooting some kind of energy beam a the Physaric shuttle.]]
Socrates: "We took a shortcut through your planet's star system and strictly by chance happened upon an enemy research vessel. They instinctively attacked, not knowing what our cargo was."

[[We see the shuttle taking fire from the Greys' ship. Two pods drop away from it and enter the atmosphere below.]]
Socrates: "Once hit, I forced Fred's spore overboard and entered a spore myself. The pilot drew the enemy's fire before crashing, giving us a chance to escape."

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