General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrates continues his narration of what happened to bring he and Fred to the Earth. We see a smoke trail of a spacecraft descending into Earth's atmosphere.]]
Socrates: [narrating] "Whether our 'ship' burned up in the atmosphere or crashed, I'll never know. I lost contact with our pilot and haven't felt his presence since."

[[We see a satellite view of the night-time United States, with one smoke trail descending toward the East Coast and a second toward the West Coast.]]
Socrates: "We bailed out at such a high altitude that, although our spores protected us from reentry, we ended up on opposite sides of this continent."

[[We see Socrates sheltered at the corner of a building, with several people walking past on the sidewalk (we only see their feet and lower legs).]]
Socrates: "I manages to elude your kind for several years, hiding in plain sight but unable to contact the Syncytium. My hopes of rescue--and finding Fred--rapidly dwindled..."

[[We see Socrates watching a television broadcast from a littered room. The television screen displays side-by-side pictures of Trent and Fred, with the captions "Man vs. Mold" and "Terrell vs Physarum."]]
Socrates: "Until the day I heard that a human was suing a 'slime mold' on your television broadcasts. At last I knew Fred had survived, and I'd do anything to reunite with him."

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