General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fooker stares up a massive alien, easily twice the height of a normal Grey alien drone and several times more the width. A deep scar cuts down the entire left side of its face and its left eye is milky white instead of the normal pitch black.]]
Fooker: Drone #529...1...Uh...
Big Grey alien: "Bohr" will suffice. It is far more... efficient.
[[Planck unleashes a cheesy grin at the apparent acceptance of his suggested nickname for the warrior drone.]]

[["Bohr" takes focus, seen in profile, while the Great Skaboola seems to express disapproval behind him.]]
Bohr: If I seem impatient, it is because with every passing ganadan this planet's chances for survival diminish. If we had summoned the fleet earlier like I advised, this would not be an issue.

[[Sharon steps up beside Fooker to confront Bohr, who leans down to address the humans with a grimace.]]
Bohr: It is unfortunate you natives are present to hear this, but my current advice is to nuke the planet to halt the infestation.
Sharon: Isn't that a bit cruel?

[[Our view pulls back to allow us to see Fooker, Sharon, Justin and Planck standing in front of the Skaboola and Bohr. When the unnamed Grey drone interrupts, all turn to acknowledge him.]]
Bohr: Given our history with these creatures, I call it overly cautious...
A Grey drone: Your Bulbousness! It's subject QR7-T64! He's made a breakthrough!

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