General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back in the junkyard's office, Socrates continues to tell his story to Dex, Fred, Patty, and Trish.]]
Patty: You said you no longer "felt" your pilot's presence...
Socrates: Yes, we're somewhat telepathic.

[[Dex sets Fred down next to Socrates.]]
Socrates: It's not extensive, but we can pass short mental messages. The closer we are, the more data we can exchange. Low orbit would be my absolute limit so... no distress calls.

Socrates: I assume our pilot perished in the crash, since I haven't felt him since then. As for Fred, I assumed he was still in his spore until a few years ago, but now I guess the failure is mine...

Socrates: [drooping as he continues] Our telepathy diminishes when we "link" with other species, as I've done to survive. Since I'll never join the Syncytium again, I'll never get it back.
Fred: Not so fast...

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