General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[At the junkyard's office, Fred has interrupted Socrates' musings about how he's forever lost his telepathic abilities.]]
Fred: You said I have these "super genes" that could let our kind both link AND breed, right? Well... What if I SHARED them?
Socrates: I... don't follow you...

Fred: [shrugging] We're single-celled organisms! Giant ones, granted, but practically amoeba. Who says I can't just split off a hunk of my DNA and GIVE it to you?
Socrates: You... can DO that?

Fred: Why not? Earth amoeba do it all the time. I'll send you some messenger RNA and you replicate it. Once we're done, you'll have my new DNA.
Socrates: But we can't link! I'm "tainted!" I--
[[Fred interrupts by merging a pseudopod with one of Socrates.]]

Socrates: I... I'm... fixed. I can... feel it...
Fred: [crossing his "arms" smugly] I don't normally make house calls, but I'll send you my bill.

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