General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In whispers, Dexter, Trish, Patty, Fred, and Socrates prepare to meet the three Physaric-controlled humans Socrates has "heard" outside the front door of the junkyard's office.]]
Socrates: I don't like this. Humans are obviously sapient. They should NOT be controlling them. Something's wrong...
Patty: [Shooting Dex a sideways glance] Dex?
Dex: [snarling] Muscle ready.

Trish: W-what's that s-sound...?
Patty: Sounds like something rolling on the floor... Can't see...

[[A small speckled object, roughly the size and shape of an egg, rolls toward their feet.]]
Patty: Is that an... egg?
Socrates: [yelling] STUN SPORE! GET DOWN!

[[With a whoosh the stun spore releases a cloud of gas that envelopes the humans.]]

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