General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy, dressed in a business suit and seated at a conference table, is deep in thought. She's tapping a pen on the table in front of her.]]
Trudy: [thinking] What exactly WAS that last night? A dream? A fantasy? I've barely been able to think of anything else all day!

Trudy: [thinking] Whose thoughts were those EXACTLY? His? Mine? I don't know if I can tell anymore. When that "link" occurs, our minds seem to wash over each other...

Trudy: [thinking, her head propped up on one hand] Nick would NEVER force himself upon me... and it's not exactly like I fought back... Is this... what I really WANT from him...?
Voice: Trudy?

[[We see the rest of the people at the table. We see Gerald and Annette and one other employee of Underwood Insurance. Annette's voice has broken into Trudy's thoughts.]]
Annette: What do you think? Should we merge these two tasks into the same project, or keep them separate and pristine?
Trudy: [flustered] M-merge...?

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