General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In the hotel room, Trudy and "Nega-Nick" begin to make out passionately on his bed. At first, Trudy lies on top of him, wearing only her bra and skirt. "Nega-Nick's" glasses fall carelessly to the side as he wraps his arms around her, with one hand on her buttocks. As the two kissing becomes more intense, they begin to disrobe each other. Trudy unbuttons, opens, and removes his shirt, while "Nega-Nick" runs one hand up her leg and under her skirt while unhooking her bra with his other hand. As "Nega-Nick" rolls on top of her (conveniently blocking our view of her now bare chest), he begins kissing her neck. She wraps a leg around him, drawing his entire body closer.]]

[[With each panel, the scene grows steadily lighter and blurrier, as if a "fog" begins to cloud our view. The corners of each panel slowly transition from sharp edges in the first, to well rounded in the last. The effect is identical to the "link haze" seen in previous strips, only becoming more intense with each panel. By the final panel, the entire scene shifts to a blinding white, completely obscuring our view. A narration block reads: "End Chapter Three".]]

References: The "link" effect
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