General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fooker and Ki have joined Sharon and Nick. Nick looks blankly at Ki, while she stares at him in stunned silence. Sharon nervously (re-)introduces them.]]
Sharon: Here they are! Nick, this is Ki. She's... um, someone very special to you. She can help you remember who you are.

Nick: Um, hi. Sorry, but I don't remember any of you. Sharon says you are my friends.
Sharon: [to Ki] When the Greys found him, he had head trauma and amnesia.

[[Sharon continues as Ki stares at Nick in wide-eyed shock.
Sharon: The Greys rescued him when they saw the Physarics were going to kill him. They tried to heal him, but his mind was blank. He's... been here for a month, maybe more...

[[Ki finally finds her voice, staring in horror at Nick.]]
Ki: If he's been here... Then who the %&*# has been sleeping next to me in our bed...?

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