General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[After their cleansing "experience" Patty and Trish tighten their robes about them and look around. They're in an organic-looking cave, and behind Patty a figure is silhouetted in an opening in the wall.]]
Figure: Since this is obviously not a "spa", I will assume your statement was a poor attempt at sarcastic humor...
Patty: [glaring] "Poor"?

[[The figure in the door steps forward and is revealed to be Dr. Melanie Granger, currently under the control of one of the alien invaders. She glares at Patty and Trish as she offers them their glasses.]]
Granger: Your belongings have been confiscated and your bodies sanitized. You may have your ocular enhancements returned for now. Follow me.

[[As the women exit into the "hallway" outside, they run into Dexter. He's holding his head and looking a bit woozy. Both girls smile warmly at him as they put on their glasses.]]
Trish: DEX!
Patty: Are you alright?

Dex: I was... just probed... in orifices I didn't know I had...
Granger: [arms crossed, glaring sternly] What a sweet reunion. Now follow me, or it will be your last.

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