General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Supposedly inside the alien ship, Patty, Trish, and Dexter are led by Dr. Melanie Granger (who is controlled by one of the Physaric aliens) down a long corridor. The walls and floor appear oddly organically shaped, with no manufactured flat surfaces or sharp corners.]]
Trish: <<stuttering while whispering>> Th-the walls...
Patty: <<whispering>> We must be inside one of the alien "ships".

[[Patty takes the foreground, addressing Dr. Granger, who looks over her shoulder to respond.]]
Patty: So you're taking us somewhere to turn us into more of your "puppets", then...?
Dr. Granger: No. There are.... other plans for you three.

[[Our attention returns to Dex, Trish, and Patty. Patty looks suspiciously off to one side while Trish watches her. Dex leans in to be heard while they whisper.]]
Patty: <<whispering>> We need to find our stuff and get out of here.
Dexter: <<whispering>> And go where? We could be anywhere by now, even intersteller space.

[[Dexter looks concerned, causing Trish to cringe and Patty to look surprised. They all realize the "slime molds" are all missing: Fred, Socrates, and Persephone.]]
Dexter: <<whispering>> Besides, we need to find Fred, Socrates, and...
Trish: <<whispering, stuttering>> M-my p-purse...
Patty: <<whispering>> Uh, oh...

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