General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dexter and Patty share the foreground, reacting in surprise to the view before them. They appear to be in the Physaric ship "control room", which is covered in odd organic outcroppings and non-manufactured shapes. Various aliens and humans appear to be working together on various tasks, supposedly under Physaric control. Outside the large window, both the Earth and the Moon are visible, implying that they are in orbit. The mysterious speaker from the previous strip continues from off-panel.]]
Unknown: Which is ironic, I suppose, given that I never expected to see such a sight in person...

[[The mysterious speaker opens a large metallic briefcase, filled with unknown objects. He continues as he rifles for the case, looking for something.]]
Unknown: When I was younger, I dreamed of joining the space program. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo... After I was wounded in 'Nam, of course... Well, that ended THAT dream.

[[As the speaker continues, Trish, Patty, and Dexter exchange puzzled glances.]]
Unknown: What a difference a few decades makes. Once I was a lad marveling at Sputnik; now it's all iPhones and WiFi and the Internet... Technology is everywhere...

References: The U.S. space program: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo; Vietnam War; Sputnik
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