General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Somewhere else in the caves, in a more open room that still overlooks some of the egg-like pods that previously held Patty and Trish (and, most likely, Dex), a tall alien with an elongated head and three pairs of eyes holds a paper form in front of a white-haired man. The alien has a Physaric perched on the back of its neck. While we only see the back of the man's head it's obvious that the form is being held up for him to examine.]]
Man: Yes, yes, I know... I'm aware of the situation already. Dispatch this to the field commanders ASAP. They'll handle it directly.

[[The scene shifts to show Patty, Trish, and Dexter standing off the the side of the man. This time we see his hands, but nothing more. He appears to be holding something in one of them, although it is unclear what it might be.]]
Man: Honestly... The claim they control a vast empire that spans thousands of star systems, yet they know NOTHING about logistics.

[[The man paces in front of our heroes. We see just the side of his chest, which appears to be wearing a uniform of some kind.]]
Man: That's part of their problem, of course. Technology, I mean. They barely understand it. They have no NEED for it. Every "tool" they use is another living being. Our reliance of technology confounds them.

[[As Dex and Trish look on in confusion, he stops next to them. We see his back, not his face.]]
Man: And so it is with their adversary as well. Technology is their enemy's greatest asset and THESE aliens' bane. If they cannot learn to understand it, it will be their undoing.

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