General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[We see a hollowed out mound containing a pool of clear liquid, with a shapeless "blob" submerged in the pool. Two voices come from off panel.]]
Voice 1: Why do you insist on using vocalizations to communicate, brother?
Voice 2: Because he hasn't learned how to use telepathy. Be patient with him. He has no memories.

[[The "blob" in the pool lifts a portion of itself out of the liquid, revealing Fred. One of the previous speakers, Socrates, leans over the pool and looks at him closely.]]
Fred: Where... am I?
Socrates: It's Socrates, Fred. You're in a restorative pool aboard one of our "ships." They brought us aboard while unconscious.

Socrates: [indicating the other previous speaker] Fred, you can call this brother "Plato". We don't tend to use names, but I gave him one to help you acclimate. I knew him from before our crash.
Fred: Nice... to meet you...?

[[The view widens to reveal a rather large number of other Physarics gathered in a ring around the three of them.]]
Plato: Needless to say, your arrival has created quite a disquietude.
Fred: I can see that...

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