General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred, Socrates, and Plato make their way through one of the passages in their "ship", accompanied by many other curious Physarics.]]
Fred: [whispered, to Socrates] The Syncytium? Isn't that the ruling body?
Socrates: [whispered] Yes. The main one remains on our home planet, but each ship has its local instance.

[[They arrive at what appears to be a large pool of mingled Physarics. Various Physarics can be seen poking out of the pool, while a ramp at the back of the pool allows others to slide in or out of the pool at will. A telepathic voice can be heard by all the Physarics present.]]
Syncytium: Greetings, our long lost child. We are the Syncytium. Join with us, and we will answer all of your questions.

Socrates: [standing next to Fred, urging him on] Go ahead, Fred! The are waiting for you...
Fred: [obviously intimidated] There's... no diving board. What if I jump into the shallow end...?

References: The Syncytium
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