General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back on the Grey's ship, Fooker, Justin, Sharon, and the two Grey clones "Pi" (#3141598) and "Planck" (#6626068) are deep in conversation as Ki talks to Nick in the background. Sharon is anxiously looking over her shoulder at Nick and Ki.]]
Justin: So... if Nick has been here, who HAS been with you guys at GPF?

Fooker: [angrily] Isn't it obvious? Who ELSE knows us well enough to impersonate our Nick, and who conveniently vanished the last time we saw him?
Sharon: You don't mean... "Nega-Nick?"

Justin: [skeptically] You mean Nick's double from the "Negaverse"? I thought he was vaporized...
Fooker: No, he tried to hop into our universe, but Nick yanked the guidance circuit. Looks like he got lucky.

[[Pi and Planck have been listening in a little ways away.]]
Planck: [whispered, to Pi] Maybe there's something to this "alternate universe" stuff after all...
Pi: [sarcastically] SURE there is. And I'm the Skaboola's cheese taster.
Planck: [in awe] You ARE? Since WHEN?

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