General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[As Planck (clone #6626068) shows Sharon, Fooker, and Justin the Physaric hologram, Justin recovers from the initial surprise first.]]
Justin: Doesn't that look a lot like...?
Sharon: [wide-eyed] FRED AND PERSEPHONE!

Pi (clone #3141592): You... named a pair of them?
Fooker: [grimly] They're apparently advanced scouts. They've been spying on us for years.
Sharon: [shocked, to Fooker]: YOU KNEW?!?

[[Sharon pieces the evidence together and glares angrily at Fooker.]]
Sharon: Of COURSE you knew! You shot one of those things in the "Negaverse" and prevented me from seeing it. THAT'S why you and Fred started fighting and he moved out!

Fooker: [angrily, pointing at his chest with his thumb] I was protecting you -- ALL of you! If you knew what I know...
[[In the background, Justin puts his hand on Planck's chest and gently pushes him away from Sharon and Fooker.]]
Justin: [whispering, to Planck] This is where we quietly move out of the blast radius...

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