General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the Grey Alien's ship, Sharon and Fooker are having an argument. She's upset that Fooker has kept from her the fact that Fred (and Persephone) were the same species as the alien invaders in the Negaverse.]]
Sharon: Oh, I'd LOVE to know everything you know! Just what ELSE have you been keeping from me?
Fooker: [darkly] Only enough to keep you safe.

Sharon: [angrily, shaking her finger at Fooker] Well, if you're concerned about YOUR safety, you'd better open up. Fred was your FRIEND! He is NOT an "advance scout" for an invading army!
Fooker: Are you so sure?

Fooker: What do we REALLY know about him? He mysteriously shows up in my apartment one day from who knows where, and we all assume his story is true. How do we know he hasn't been playing us for fools for YEARS?

Sharon: [arms crossed] After all you two have been through... Maybe all that secret spy training has gone to your head.
Fooker: Maybe that spy training is all that's kept us ALIVE.

References: What else might Fooker be keeping from Sharon...?; Fred's word on his origins (which everyone so far has taken for granted); Secret Agent Geek
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