General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[The scene changes. On the Physaric's "ship" Patty, Trish, and Dexter follow Colonel Lionel Barker into another chamber. He speaks as he walks.]]
Colonel: I'm sure you have many questions, but I'm afraid there are a few formalities to attend to first.

[[The Colonel gestures toward a table-like mound in the center of the chamber. On the table are the trio's effects - the girls' purses, their cell phones, etc.]]
Colonel: That said, I believe you'll be happy to have your personal effects returned.
Dex: [as the three rush excitedly toward the "table"] Our stuff!

[[Patty picks up her cell phone, but turns and eyes The Colonel suspiciously.]]
Patty: You're just giving it back to us?
Colonel: As previously stated, our... gelatinous hosts have little use for technology.

Colonel: I trust everything is accounted for?
[[Trish looks into her purse. Amongst the usual contents of a purse (lipstick, USB drives, etc) we see Persephone's "head" sticking up out of one of the pockets. Trish smiles.]]
Trish: Y-yes...

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