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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[With a SPLORCH, another storage pod on a Physaric "ship" belches out another captive.]]

[[She lays coughing on the ground, as several voices near her discuss her condition.]]
Voice: So... Another female. Seems to be in adequate health and physical fitness. No obvious injuries or illness.

Voice: Should be useful. If her memories and skills don't fit with any requirements, at least we can use her for manual labor.
[[As the woman struggles to lift herself we see her face for the first time. It's Trudy.]]

[[The voices are revealed to be three Physarics "standing" on a small rise near Trudy's head.]]
Physaric: Alright, I'll take this one while you take the other.
Physaric: No. Only this one. The other one is a... special case.

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