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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy, recently released from a storage pod on the Physaric ship, is struggling to take stock of her situation. She's naked, still covered in goo from the pod, and obviously confused and scared. Three Physarics "stand" nearby, discussing her.]]
Trudy: W-where...?
Physaric: Hurry! Before she realizes what's going on!

[[One of the other Physarics reaches out to touch Trudy, who recoils. But the Physaric can't make contact with her.]]

Physaric: What happened?
Physaric: I... don't know. Something prevented me from touching her...
Trudy: [still very confused] Slime... molds...?

Physaric: Prevented you... You don't think she's "immune", like the Colonel...?
Trudy: [glaring, recognition setting in] The... Colonel...?
Physaric: Enough! We have a situation...

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