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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[On the Physaric "ship", Trudy is reviving after being released from a storage "pod". Three Physarics have been discussing her situation.]]
Physaric: If she is "immune", then she is of no use to us. Send her to the comestibles.
Trudy: If you're not Fred or what's-her-name, then who...?

[[Before she can complete her question, one of the Physarics reaches out a pseudopod and touches a wall panel nearby. A hole opens in the floor beneath Trudy.]]

[[Trudy falls with a scream into darkness, landing in a lake of goo beneath the hole that just opened.]]
Trudy: Aaaaah!

[[The hole closes above her, leaving her in pitch blackness.]]
Trudy: [screaming] WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE $%*& IS GOING ON?!?

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