General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Against a flood of images from Lakatos (and the Negaverse...), Trudy struggles to come to grips with the host of memories returning to her. She holds her head as if in pain, trying to concentrate.]]
Trudy: [thinking] I remember... Lakatos... the warehouse, the "smoking man" and what he did to... Nikki? The kiss... Nick was angry... Furious! He knew! He knew I wasn't the other me... But we put that aside to escape... the crash... But he DOESN'T remember... I see his memories... He remembers OTHER things... things that don't make sense... things unfamiliar...

[[Trudy's eyes widen in stunned realization, while the images behind her (her mental images) all show the diabolical face of "Nega-Nick".]]
Trudy: [thinking] THAT WASN'T NICK...

References: Since there are too many individually referenced strips here, we'll link to stories instead: "Masquerade"; "Oblivious"; To Thine Own Self...
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