General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy, naked and covered in slime, stands with her left side against a slime-covered wall in a mysterious, dark space. Her eyes are squeezed shut and she grits her teeth in anger.]]
Trudy: [thinking] Stupid. Stupid _idiot_! How did you not see right _through_ him? How did he _get_ here? What did he want from you... besides...

[[A series of mysterious splashing sounds draws her attention. Trudy turns her head to her right, looking into the darkness as the sounds draw nearer. sloosh, sloosh, sloosh, *Sploosh*]]
Trudy: Wh-who's there?
Unknown voice in the darkness: Who wants to know?

[[The stranger clicks on a flashlight, shining it at Trudy. We also see the back of the stranger's head. The stranger appears to be blonde.]]
Stranger: I don't believe it... Not that this is the _first_ time I've seen you naked and covered in disgusting ooze...
Trudy: Who...?

[[The stranger turns the flashlight up to illuminate herself, revealing the face of Esther Matusevitch. While she doesn't appear to be covered in slime like Trudy, her hair appears limp and wet, matted to her head.]]
Trudy: M-mom...?

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