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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Three Physarics stand near the unconscious form of Nega-Nick, discussing what they're going to do with him.]]
Physaric: Do we know which brother was lost, or this creature's designation? We could consult the Colonel's records...
Physaric: We never received that information. We'll have to--

[[The Physaric is interrupted by Nega-Nick picking it up and crushing it in his hand.]]
Nega-Nick: You don't need my "designation".

[[Holding the dripping remains of the Physaric he just crushed, Nega-Nick rises to his feet in front of the remaining two aliens.]]
Nega-Nick: [angrily] You miserable slimes ravaged my world, and now you're poised to take THIS one. But I won't LET you. This planet is MINE for the taking, and I'm not about to share it.

[[Nega-Nick stomps on one of the remaining aliens, which splatters disgustingly.]]
Nega-Nick: You're not so tough when you can't turn someone into a puppet, are you?

References: "Ravaged my world" (the damage is real, even if "Nega-Nick" is lying through his teeth)
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