General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Revived by his Physaric captors, Nega-Nick has just killed two of them by squishing one in his hand and stomping on the other. He faces the other one of the three that were discussing him, the remains of his first kill still dripping from his hand.]]
Nega-Nick: Where is your giant brain pool thing? I KNOW there's one on this ship. ANSWER ME!
[[Disconcertingly, the remaining alien mimics Nega-Nick's posture.]]

Nega-Nick: [noticing the mimic] What are you... [[He shifts his position, and is mimicked by the Physaric.]] Stop that.

[[Nega-Nick raises his hands over his head, a posture duplicated by the alien. Other Physarics are starting to gather around the two.]]
Nega-Nick: Are you... mimicking me...?

[[Nega-Nick looks around, noticing the crowd of Physarics that have gathered.]]
Nega-Nick: What's... going on here...?

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