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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Pi, Planck, Justin, and Fooker are gathered together, talking.]]
Pi: Wait... That Physaric from your spy agency's data file... was your _friend_?
Fooker: [slightly angrily] _Former_ friend. Before I really knew what he really was.

Planck: [surprised] You mean you coexisted peacefully with one of the enemy for months without it trying to control you?
Fooker: [Slightly taken aback] Years, actually. And he controlled me once, as a test I agreed to. He... didn't know how...

Pi: Funny how the file didn't mention a _second_ Physaric...
Justin: Her existence has been a secret. Even when _we_ found out, we agreed to keep it off-the-record...

[[Justin talking to Fooker, who is suddenly looking embarrassed]]
Justin: [angrily] Something we agreed on at _your_ request, I believe. Tell me, bro... do you _seriously_ think Persephone is the "enslave all mankind" type?

References: "Your spy agency's data file"; "He controlled me once"; Persephone in the "Negaverse" (the U.G.A. agents were nearby, so presumably they would have seen her; they were also all present at the wedding reception)
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