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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Pi and Planck are talking, with Justin and Fooker in the background.]]
Pi: So this "Fred" Physaric didn't know what it was... and was friendly to its human cohabitants?
Planck: Maybe individual Physarics can be peaceful, absent of their hive mind...

Planck: [whispering] Kind of like how... we've grown more independent after all that time away from the Skaboola...?
Pi: [whispering] Point taken.

[[Justin and Fooker in the foreground, with Pi and Planck in the background. Pi is looking over at them. Justin is pointing at Fooker.]]
Justin: Dude, look at the evidence. Fred and Persephone don't _know_ what they are. They're on _our_ side! For all we know, they're the keys to _stopping_ this invasion!

[[Justin continues pointing at Fooker. Fooker now looks abashed.]]
Justin: And you threw away their friendship -- _and_ jeopardized your future marriage -- based on your own prejudice. Is _that_ the way you "protect" your friends?


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