General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred and Socrates continue their discussion in the little room where Fred is isolating himself from the rest of the Physarics]]
Socrates: We are NOT an "invasion force."
Fred: Oh, that's right. YOU'RE here to "enlighten lesser evolved species" into submission.

Socrates: [pointing back to the Physarics outside the room] THEY are here to take us home! WE'VE been marooned here, waiting for rescue!
Fred: Do you really think that's the ONLY reason this ship is here?

Fred: Just how many others are out there? Thousands? MILLIONS? That's a little more than required for a mere rescue mission!
Socrates: Perhaps the enemy already has a presence here...

Fred: Perhaps THEY came in force to beat "the enemy" to the punch.
Socrates: You don't know that.
Fred: [Crossing two "arms" in front of him] Neither do you.

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