General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred and Socrates continue their discussion in the little room where Fred is trying to isolate himself from the rest of the Physarics]]
Fred: It sounds like we and "the enemy" are evenly matched. Giving them the cure now will create an imbalance that might threaten Earth. As long as that's a chance, I'm not handing it over.

Fred: ["arms" akimbo] I can't make you do anything, Socrates, but I'd much rather have you by my side. Let's figure out what's best for everybody: Us, the "enemy," the Earth. What do you say?

Socrates: [notices a crack in the wall at the back of the room] There's ... a thin fissure here. It's a tight squeeze, but we can use this to reach the next chamber without the others outside seeing us.

Socrates: Of course, eventually Plato will come in to find out what's taking us so long...
Fred: With any luck that won't be until we've had a good head start.

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