General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Lionel Barker is explaining to Trish, Patty, and Dexter how he came to be involved in the conflict between the Greys, the Physarics, and Earth.]]

Colonel: As our surveillance of the alien encroachment continued, we quickly learned that the odds were not in our favor. Each species represented a distinct yet equally balanced threat.

Colonel: The "Greys" seemed technologically superior. Centuries ahead of us, they posses faster-than-light travel, energy weapons and shielding, and even cloaking tech. Militarily, they vastly outclass us.

Colonel: THIS species [gesturing], by contrast, overwhelms them by numbers. Relying solely on biological units, they are technologically inferior to even us. Yet their ability to manipulate entire ecosystems makes them formidable.

Colonel: The choice was obvious. If we could not confront the "Greys" military might head-on, we must find a way to ally ourselves with their enemy. We must learn to pull the puppet master's own strings...

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