General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Barker is explaining his rationale to Patty, Trish, and Dexter.]]
Colonel: I knew full well that neither Congress nor the United Nations would back my actions. Secrecy was paramount. They would need plausible deniability should my plan fail.

Colonel: So I acted alone, with a handful of highly trusted operatives behind me. I alone would be responsible. I alone would be held accountable. I alone could be TRUSTED.

Colonel: Sadly, sacrifices had to be made. I had hoped to employ my beloved U.G.A. in this operation, but when the aliens learned of its existence, I was forced to let them infiltrate it.

Colonel: [Looking down, his face in shadow, as we see Patty, Trish, and Dexter behind him. Patty in particular is getting quite upset.] I've sacrificed more than anyone could imagine for this. My country, my career, my family... likely my very life. But it will all be worth it when the end finally comes.

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