General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Patty and Trish, wrapped with robes and both with unstyled hair, stand in the foreground while Fred and Socrates wiggle unnoticed behind an outcropping.]]
Patty: [angrily] So you've just betrayed the Earth to our new alien overlords. Woe to you for your sacrifices. That _still_ doesn't explain your "master plan" to "pull the puppet master's strings".

[[Colonel Lionel Barker leans in toward Patty.]]
Patty: As much as I'd like to bash your smug face in with a mallet, I'm curious how the heck you plan to pull that off. You're obviously too smart _not_ to have a plan.
Lionel: Quite.

[[Close-up of Lionel's face.]]
Lionel: [emphatically] Indeed, Ms. Johnson, I would not have initiated so drastic an operation without an exit strategy. Earth will rise from the ashes, stronger and more aware of its place in our universe.

[[Lionel turns away from Patty, whose eyes convey rage.]]
Lionel: But it shall not be bloodless. As Hephaestus forged the implements of the gods, so too shall the human race be baptized by fire. The phoenix must die before it can be reborn.

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