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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Close-up of Colonel Lionel Barker's eyes.]]
Lionel: A cancer cannot be "cured"; it must be surgically removed. Healthy tissue must be sacrificed to ensure the cancer is eradicated. But the result is a healthier organism that survives.

[[Close-up of a clenched fist.]]
Lionel: A cancer eats away at humanity's core. Racism, gender inequality, religious fanaticism, petty national squabbles... self-hate is our greatest weakness. We are vulnerable because we are divided.

[[Close-up of the ultrasonic device, and the Colonel's hand petting it proprietorially.]]
Lionel: I have at my disposal the means of driving these "invaders" from our planet... but not yet. A thoroughbred must be broken before it can race. A soldier must face death to truly appreciate life.

[[Close-up of the Colonel's clenched, determined jaw.]]
Lionel: Only after the human race has been broken and humiliated, only after we realize all we have lost, will we abandon the petty barriers that restrain us and unite against our common enemy...

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