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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Lionel Barker paces with his hands behind his back, addressing Patty, Dexter, and Trish.]]
Lionel: These aliens will equip us to defend against the Greys. Their vast resources, combined with our technology, will help us drive the enemy from our solar system.

[[Behind an outcropping, Socrates and Fred listen, as Lionel steps next to them.]]
Lionel: Meanwhile, their "domination" of Earth will demoralize the populace. Discontent will give rise to unity and, ultimately, rebellion, which I will _also_ help facilitate.

[[Lionel paces away from the outcropping, and Fred surreptitiously extends a pseudopod to observe.]]
Lionel: Once the Grey menace is neutralized, I will use my... resources to reverse their control. At a minimum, we will drive our "oppressors" from the planet and "regain" our freedom.

[[Focus on Lionel's face, looking hopeful.]]
Lionel: Ideally, we will learn to control the enemy, turning them and their vast resources into our puppets, leading to a new golden age... a united Earth empire, poised to dominate our galaxy...

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