General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dexter looks incredulous, while Patty looks furious.]]
Dexter: That's... your _plan_?
Patty: You're gong to cure all of humanity's faults by _enslaving_ them?

[[Colonel Lionel Barker looks at Dexter, severely.]]
Lionel: Hubris and jealousy fuel man's intolerance. Strip these away and we will have nothing but each other to rely on. Factions will lay down centuries-old grudges for the common good.

[[Lionel paces with his hands behind his back. Patty looks at Trish, who in turn looks incredulous.]]
Trish: B-but m-millions may _die_ before that happens!
Lionel: Acceptable losses. A bloody nose is a fine motivation to fight back.

[[Lionel continues pacing, looking back toward Patty.]]
Patty: And what happens if you push humanity to the bring and can't pull it back...?
Lionel: I _won't_. Naturally, I have accounted for every contingency.

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